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I believe...

People focus too much on particular paths.

We agree about more than we disagree on.

We differ more about how to get there.

This can be a roadblock, or an opportunity.

We can find consensus.

Evidence constrained will guide us.

Mine is a platform of goals & principles.

My staff and I will work with others in Congress to follow and achieve them.


The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate. ~ Jefferson

We must teach our children to preserve our stature and our democracy.

Free, high-quality, accessible public education is essential.


It's not the environment, it's our environment.

Protecting our environment is protecting ourselves.

We all should have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

We must ensure polluters pay to clean up their messes.

Freedom and Rights

Everyone should be free to do what they like so long as they cause no harm.

The Bill of Rights is sacred and it must be restored and preserved.

Human rights are rights for all humans, including for women, people of color, and LGBT+.

Our laws must apply to and protect all people equally.


Our government comes from us.

If it does not work well, that is our failing.

There are things government can do best.

We can make sure that it does those efficiently and well.


We must take reasonable, common sense steps to fight the cycle of gun violence.

The CDC needs to be allowed and directed to study gun violence.

The private-sale «gun show loophole» around background checks needs to be eliminated.


We pay more for worse care than most of the developed world.

We were the best, and we can be again.


Everyone willing to work deserves an opportunity to do so.

Everyone who works hard deserves a fair income.

Net Neutrality

A free and open Internet access is essential for the future of our democracy and economy.

Internet access needs to be treated as an essential public utility like water and power.

Science and Technology

It is impossible to know where basic research will lead.

Our economy is driven by technologies that were once unthinkable.

Funding basic and applied research will repay.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Above all else, we have a duty to future generations.

For them, we must protect our resources and institutions.

Women's Rights

Women deserve equal pay for equal work.

Women have a fundamental right to determine what they do with their own bodies.

Women's lives and wellbeing matters and must not be discounted.