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Hi! I'm Scott Menor, an independent candidate for U.S. Representative for Arizona's 9th Congressional District.

I was never particularly interested in politics before last year, but Bernie inspired me to campaign for him and then when he lost the primary, I was moved to campaign for Hillary because I was afraid Trump might win. I got tired of hearing people complain that government is broken and politics doesn't work. It can and the only reason it doesn't seem to is because people are too complacent.

I was registered a Democrat since I was old enough to vote, but by and large the party seems supine and capitulating and unwilling to fight, so I am running as an independent. My politics skew strongly left (pro-social services, universal healthcare, government sponsored research, and a social safety net) and libertarian (for personal freedom and responsibility, up to the point where those impinge on others)

I'm an entrepreneur / inventor with a Ph.D. in physics, M.S. in microbiology and a huge fan / proponent of science and education. I worry a lot about the current anti-scientific climate. Denying things that are supported by evidence will not move us forward. I want us to look objectively at where we are at as a country, to see how we can improve, and to get better so that we can be the best in the world.

If you live in Arizona's 9th Congressional District, please Sign my Petition so I can get on the ballot. Be aware that first you have to authenticate yourself then sign on the next page.

If you don't agree with my politics, we can all agree that things need to improve, and while we may not align on every issue, I will listen to and represent everyone.

If you want to learn a bit more about me, have a look at my Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Thank you very much
~ Scott