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Running to represent
US Contressional District Five

For policy driven by evidence,
not politics.

I am an entrepeneur and former professor. I am a political activist who campaigned, canvassed, and called for Bernie in the 2016 primary, and, when he lost, I did the same for Hillary because Trump is such an anathema.

There are many wrongs and injustices in the world. It is easy to get hung up in the way things are, but lets take a moment to talk about the way things ought to be.

Everyone ought to have an opportunity to work hard, learn, and get ahead.

Everyone ought to be able to speak their mind and participate in our government.

There are moments in history where things can change. Now is one such moment. Lets not throw away our shot to change things for the better.

I am not a career politician, and I am not taking corporate or SuperPAC money. I am a regular citizen like you who is capable and who will work hard in Congress to do the right things for us all.

Sign our Petition to put me on the ballot. You have to authenticate yourself then sign on the next page. Even if you won't vote for me, please give me a chance to compete in the election.

If you're not already registered, Register, and sign up for permanent early voting so you can easily vote by mail. It will only take a few minutes, and it's our duty and responsibility as citizens to be informed and to vote.

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