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"Our government comes from us.
If it does not work well,
that is our failing."

I am running for Congress and trying to move things in the right direction.

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Politically Aware

I have long been politically aware and over time I have become increasingly active. I worked hard campaigning for Bernie in the 2016 primary, and later for Hillary in the general election.

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The real return on investment from education isn’t what is measured in terms of increased lifetime salaries, but much bigger increases in our gross domestic product and power in the world thanks to having an informed and critically thinking citizenry.

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Justice Reform

By attaching a profit motive to putting people in prison, there is a strong perverse incentive to lobby Congress to pass laws that make more people felons – robbing people of their liberty and their rights to vote, sign petitions, and even to have a good job and place to live.

This is wrong and has to be stopped.